Hades Player Completes Challenge Thought To Be Impossible

Youtuber Jade has just completed what was thought to be impossible in Hades. They’re now the first to complete the game on the hardest setting with no mods or seedings attached. This task was deemed impossible because not only does it involve skill, but it also requires an incredible amount of luck.

Thanks to a PCGamesN report, we know that Dan Haelian, a Hades YouTuber, posted a video titled “Why no one has beaten the max heat in Hades or probably ever will.” In the video, they explain that completing this challenge is impossible because it requires one to turn on every “heat” modifier in the game, a feature that increases the game’s difficulty. With all these features enabled, all enemies receive health, damage, and speed buffs. In addition, bosses also receive the same treatment.

To make things even harder, players lose access to their Mirror Talents, which give Zagreus a buff and only receive one Boon option instead of the usual three. When they reach the end of a stage, they’re forced to sacrifice a Boon before entering the next level. On top of that, they’re required to play on Hell Mode, which removes Zagreus’s invulnerability after receiving damage, and must complete each stage within five minutes.

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