Nothing announces budget-friendly sub-brand, readies new smartwatch

Nothing has only been around a few years, racking up successes in that time frame, and now the company is launching a sub-brand dedicated to affordability. Speaking during the company’s latest community update video, CEO Carl Pei announced CMF by Nothing, which promises “a new range of products that make better design more accessible” via low pricing.

CMF stands for “Color, Material and Finish” and already has a couple of products in the works, including a smartwatch and a pair of earbuds. Both items are set to arrive later this year, with actual details promised for the coming months. Pei says that CMF will set itself apart from its parent brand by focusing on “clean design” that’s “accessible,” whereas Nothing prioritizes a “premium” feel and “design innovation.”

Pei also noted that CMF is being run by a different team, so it won’t take too much attention from the primary brand’s line of smartphones, earbuds and thingamajigs. This is not the CEO’s first rodeo in the world of affordable sub-brands. Back when he was with OnePlus, Pei kickstarted the Nord sub-brand, which is still around and regularly releases budget-friendly smartphones, earbuds and smartwatches.

It’s worth noting that Nothing already wades in the waters of affordability. The Nothing Phone 2 is $600, which is much lower than rival flagship offerings, and the Ear 1 earbuds originally launched for $100, before the price raised to $150 due to increased material costs.

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