RuneScape’s new Necromancy skill reinvents combat once again, 22 years on

Do you have the power to raise and control the undead? This is the question RuneScape 3’s new Necromancy skill asks its players.

Necromancy is the 29th skill to be released into RuneScape 3, and arrives three years after the last, Archaeology. It’s not just a skill though – Necromancy is the first new combat style to ever be released in RuneScape after 22 years, and more akin to a new class in other MMOs. Sitting outside of the established combat triangle of melee, range and magic, Necromancy is neither stronger or weaker than the game’s other combat skills. Instead, it was designed to offer players an alternative form of combat they can learn and experiment with.

Ahead of its release on Monday 7th August, I was given a preview and hands-on time with Necromancy, and able to reach Level 20.

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