The Boys’ Jack Quaid Isn’t Playing Human Torch In MCU’s Fantastic Four, He Says

Jack Quaid, best known for Prime Video’s The Boys and for being the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, is a popular name in superhero media right now, between the aforementioned gory superhero deconstruction series and voicing Superman in Adult Swim’s My Adventures with Superman. But he won’t be lending his talent to Marvel just yet–the actor denied rumors that he’ll be playing Johnny Storm, also known as the Human Torch, in Marvel’s Fantastic Four in a new social media post.

With the current May 2, 2025 release date of Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four film now less than two years away, casting rumors for the film are starting to pop up. Fans love casting their favorite actors and celebrities as Marvel and DC characters, and sometimes they catch on enough to hit the rumor mill. This casting, though, looks like it’s not to be.

“Hello everyone,” Quaid wrote in a tweet posted today. “Nope. Not playing Johnny Storm but hey I’m flattered.”

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