Remnant 2’s first major patch targets performance, stability, and more

Developer Gunfire Games’ procedurally generated fantasy shooter Remnant 2 has been a hit, garnering positive reviews and selling over 1m copies in the space of the week. And amid all that excitement (not to mention some cheeky sneakery) Gunfire has been preparing its first major patch for Remnant 2, targeting performance, stability, and various quality of life improvements. It’s out now on PC and the developer says a console release should follow “very soon”, once the update has cleared Sony and Microsoft’s approval process.

Introducing Remnant 2’s new update on its website, Gunfire explains, “We’ve made our initial pass on stability, and performance on all platforms, focused on progression blockers, bugs, and addressed some Quality of Life requests from the community.”

As per Gunfire’s Remnant 2 patch notes, today’s update features “initial optimisations to improve overall performance”, as well as updates to improve hitching and potential crashes, plus fixes to various reported crash bugs. The developer also notes it’s now moved high detail shadows to a separate option on PC, which can be activated if required.

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