Apple Music adds a new algorithmic station to let users discover new music

Apple Music has added a new algorithmic radio station to the app called ‘Discovery Station’ in a way to compete with Spotify’s personalized lists.

Apple’s Sweden-based rival service has offered its signature “Discover” playlists for years now. In response to that, Apple Music has started rolling out the new station for people to find new music.

The Discovery Station only plays new songs that you haven’t heard yet — all songs that are not in your playlists, not liked by you, or not in your library. Apple Music already has a ‘New Music Mix’, but it is updated weekly and is limited to only 25 tracks.

The new artwork for the new Discovery Station

The new artwork for the new Discovery Station Image Credits: Screenshot by TechCrunch

Apple also offers a personalized station called ‘[User Name’s] station,’ which plays a mix of your favorites and a few similar tracks.

The company hasn’t made any official announcement about the new algorithmic discovery playlist, but it has started appearing for people on Apple Music on the web and in the apps. As MacRumors noted, there is a direct link to the playlist if you can’t see it in the app yet.


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