Baldur’s Gate 3’s second hotfix curtails penis clipping and 300+ other issues

If you – and your other 800,000 chums – have successfully managed to drag yourself away from the stupendously entertaining Baldur’s Gate 3 to read this, congratulations! You’ll be thrilled to learn your penis is finally safe from prying eye thanks to developer Larian’s second major hotfix release, which, along with winging its wangs away, comes with 300+ other fixes.

Baldur’s Gate 3’s wang clipping issue does, admittedly, appear to be something of an edge case, only affecting penises C and D, and only for characters wearing certain githyanki clothing. Even so, penises should now be safely tucked away after today’s update, doubly so given Larian says hotfix #2 also restores underpants that had unfortunately gone astray, unintentionally vacating the nether regions of male gnome sorcerers.

The vast majority of other fixes included in today’s update are perhaps not quite so exciting – although the removal of the game’s version number from beneath the minimap is certainly welcome, as is the addition of more multiplayer servers and server scaling support.

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