Here’s everything Devolver’s Delayed showcase shunted into next year

Devolver Digital has delayed a bunch of its games, and, Devolver being Devolver, it announced those delays in a special three-minute showcase – complete with inane Nindies-style banter – that also (presumably in the name of balance and order) featured a couple of games still on track to release this year. Want to know what landed in which pile? Then here we go.

First up on Devolver’s ‘now coming in 2024’ list is The Plucky Squire, an eye-catching adventure from former Pokémon artist James Turner, that wonderfully blends 2D and 3D as illustrations from a living picturebook escape and begin to cause chaos in the real world.

Equally eye-catching and equally delayed is Sam Eng’s Skate Story, in which a skateboarding demon navigates an Underworld made of “glass and pain” in order to swallow the moon.

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