Netflix adds text-based ‘Heart of Stone’ game to its Discord bot

Since last year, Netflix has run a Discord bot that helps people find shows and movies to watch together based on what’s available in their location. The company is expanding the “Hey, Netflix” bot’s capabilities today with a text-based game.

This is the first time Netflix is bringing a game along these lines to Discord. As you might imagine, it ties into something that you’ll be able to stream on Netflix soon, an action movie called Heart of Stone that stars Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan. The film will land on Netflix this Friday.

In Heart of Stone: Maze of Odds, you’ll take on the role of a double agent (similar to Gadot’s character in the film). Netflix says you’ll need to quickly make decisions in “action-driven situations.” Based on some details that Netflix shared in advance, it seems that you’ll need to choose between some preset options, much like the interactive TV shows and movies it has released in the past.

Intriguingly, Netflix says Heart of Stone: Maze of Odds will be different each time you play it. The Discord bot randomly chooses scenarios from a bank of situations. Additionally, you’ll be able to play it solo or ask friends to join in for multiplayer action. The game includes collectibles for you to pick up along the way too. Lastly, while Discord users around the world can check out the game, it’s worth noting that it’s only available in English.

Netflix has been making a big push into games in general over the last couple of years. Last month, it released Oxenfree II, the first game from one of its in-house studios. The company also just debuted a game controller app for iPhone and iPad. As such, you’ll soon be able to play its games (which are typically included with a Netflix subscription) on compatible TVs as well as phones and tablets.

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