TikTok users can now watch a full episode of Peacock’s ‘Killing It’

Peacock is trying out a new strategy to promote its shows—posting full episodes on the popular short-form video app TikTok. As a first for the company, episode one of “Killing It” Season 2 will be available to watch for free on TikTok, parent company NBCUniversal announced Monday.

Starting today, viewers can find the first episode on Peacock’s TikTok account, which is broken into five separate parts. Each video is around three to eight minutes long.

The move is certainly interesting given the current SAG/WGA strike, which has disrupted the production of many series and movies. It’s likely Peacock’s hope that its new TikTok strategy will bring new viewers to the series since stars are unable to fully promote their work to fans — aside from social media posts. Plus, it’s been a recent trend for TikTok users to upload full-length films and shows.

The first three episodes of “Killing It” are also available on YouTube, following a similar move made by competitor Paramount+. Peacock recently uploaded the second episode of Pete Davidson’s “Bupkis” on YouTube one month after it launched on the streaming service in May.

“Killing It” stars “The Office” actor Craig Robinson as bank security guard Craig Foster who has ambitious plans to become an entrepreneur. He then meets an Uber driver named Jillian (Claudia O’Doherty), who introduces him to the world of state-sponsored python hunting. For some reason, Foster thinks this is a great way to achieve his goals.

The second season continues Foster’s wild journey of snake-hunting and making cash. Foster and Jillian own a palmetto berry farm; however, human visitors as well as a snail infestation threaten to ruin their business.

The eight-episode season premieres August 17 on Peacock.


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