Create An Immersive Driving Setup With This Logitech Racing Wheel Bundle

Simulation driving games are all about immersion and realism, and nothing enhances the experience more than a racing wheel controller. Unfortunately, these can be expensive, and bundling in extra peripherals like a shifting stick or pedals only raises the price. However, thanks to a bundle deal at Amazon, you can grab Logitech’s G29 racing wheel and floor pedals plus the G Driving Force shifter for $280 (normally $359.98).

Normally, the G29 racing wheel and floor pedals go for $300, and the G Driving Force shifter is $60 by itself, so this $280 bundle is like getting a discounted G29 wheel and pedals with a free shifter thrown in. The devices come in two versions–one set that works with PC and PlayStation and another compatible with Xbox and PC. The discount applies to both setups.

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