Flashback 2 arrives 16th November on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC

Flashback 2, the sequel to Delphine Software’s classic 16-bit sci-fi puzzle-platformer, now has a release date and is launching for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC on 16th November. And to celebrate the news, developer Microids has shared a fresh look at the game in action, this time showcasing its sprawling city of New Washington.

The original Flashback, for those unfamiliar, launched in 1992, charting the 22nd century adventures of agent Conrad B. Hart on the trail of shapeshifting aliens attempting to infiltrate human society. Flashback 2 – which was previously only confirmed for a slightly more vague “November” release before today’s announcement – sees the return of Conrad B. Hart as he once again goes in search of his friend Ian.

Flashback 2’s most obvious departure from its predecessor is its shift to new-fangled 3D characters and environments – the first game utilised striking rotoscoped animation for its staunchly side-scrolling action – which in turn has allowed Microids to introduce greater freedom of movement, with Hart now able to move not only left and right but forward and back.

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