New LG TVs relegate I/O to a box you can set 30 feet from the screen

Messy cables have haunted TVs for ages. Gaming consoles, sound systems, cable boxes, disc players, and even antennas can all contribute to a cluttered room. But what if all those cables weren’t connected to the TV but instead to a separate box far away from the screen?

That’s the idea behind the series of TVs that LG listed today. Available in 97-, 83-, and 77-inch panel sizes, the new OLED M-series TVs don’t have any ports on the actual TV. They each come with a so-called Zero Connect Box for wirelessly sending information between the ports and the TV from up to 30 feet away.

The TV and the Zero Connect Box both need to be plugged in, though, so this isn’t really a “wireless” solution, even though LG is marketing the line as the “first wireless OLED TV.”

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