Not Even Remnant 2 Could Stop GTA 5 From Becoming The Most-Downloaded PS5 Game Of July

July was a mild month when it came to high-profile video game releases, and sensing a brief window of opportunity, Grand Theft Auto V seized that moment to rise back to the top of the charts. According to Sony, Grand Theft Auto V was the most-downloaded game on PS5 in the US, Canada, and Europe, while the well-received Remnant II had to settle for second place. Grand Theft Auto V lifetime sales are now at 185 million as of August 2023, and to put that into perspective, the entire Resident Evil franchise recently celebrated 146 million sales across the series.

Remnant 2 developer still has plenty of reasons to celebrate, as it surpassed sales expectations and topped 1 million sales just a week after it was released. The previous month had seen a number of big game releases, but June’s main eventers all saw drops on the PlayStation charts as several other games reclaimed familiar positions.

Final Fantasy 16, which had strong sales even if they were below Square Enix fan’s infamously high expectations, was the fourth-most-downloaded PS5 game on the PlayStation Store in the US and Canada, and in Europe, it dropped to seventh place. In comparison, Street Fighter 6 saw a huge dip in downloads as it went from being the third-most-downloaded PS5 game in the US and Canada to the 15th most-downloaded, and in Europe, it didn’t even crack the top 20.

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