Stray Gods: A Roleplaying Musical – Greek melodrama fails to reach lofty expectations

A roleplaying musical. How exciting! How intriguing! So many games have mixed genres with rhythm, now it’s the turn to put narrative to melody: a musical as a video game.

And what a cast! What a production team! Stray Gods is written by David Gaider (Dragon Age) with music from Austin Wintory (Journey). It features most of the main cast of The Last of Us, including Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, Laura Bailey and Merle Dandridge, as well as Erika Ishii, Rahul Kohli, and musical theatre star Anthony Rapp.

And it promises to please fans of both video games and musicals. I’m a fan of both of those things! Video games and musicals both as a form of storytelling, but now interactive, personalisable, immersive. Clearly I am quite excited.

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