Take Two Hints At Late 2024 Or Early 2025 Release For GTA 6

Take Two’s latest earnings report only has the barest direct mention of Grand Theft Auto 6, which says that active development is “well underway” on GTA 6–the same wording Rockstar used when it announced the game over a year ago. CEO Strauss Zelnick has dropped a hint that the company will be dropping something major in the 2025 fiscal year, however, which seems likely to be the highly anticipated GTA sequel.

It’s clear from Take Two’s forecasting that GTA 6 won’t be released within the 2024 fiscal year, which ends on March 31 2024–though it was already unlikely that we would see the game that early. Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick instead hinted that the 2025 fiscal year, which runs from April 2024 to March 2025, would have a “a significant inflection point … which we believe will include new record levels of operating performance.” It’s highly likely that the inflection point refers to Grand Theft Auto 6’s release, as one of the most anticipated games currently known to be in production.

Until then, Take Two’s focus appears to be on getting more value out of its existing games, after seeing higher-than-expected profits out of its live service games including Grand Theft Auto Online and NBA 2K23. Its continuing strategy hinges strongly on a live service model, including developing “season passes and DLC packs” for key titles, preparing a “post-launch monetization plan” for each new title that’s released, and even releasing select free-to-play titles for consoles.

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