YouTube no longer suggests videos if your ‘watch history’ is turned off

YouTube announced Tuesday that its newest update disables all its video recommendations for users who have their watch history turned off, solving an arguably annoying problem for those who may not want to be bothered by a sea of suggested videos.

YouTube viewers are used to having a home feed full of thumbnails since the video-sharing platform shows recommendations based on watch history settings. However, thanks to the latest update, users can turn off their watch history and experience a simpler homepage that feels less cluttered and chaotic. Instead, there will just be the search bar and the left-hand guide menu with shortcuts to Subscriptions, Shorts and Library.

“We are launching this new experience to make it more clear which YouTube features rely on watch history to provide video recommendations and make it more streamlined for those of you who prefer to search rather than browse recommendations,” Google writes in today’s post.

The company added that users will see these changes over the next few months.

In other YouTube news, some iOS users are currently complaining about buffering issues while watching live content on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels. Earlier today, YouTube confirmed the issue and said it was working on a solution. A few hours later, there has yet to be an update on whether this was fixed.

Those affected by the buffering reported that content keeps freezing on their iOS devices (both iPhone and iPad). It appears that this isn’t an issue when viewers watch the same content on Android devices, TVs and other devices.


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