Black Myth: Wukong’s combat could surpass the Souls games

I’m battling an anthropomorphic tiger. He resides, of course, in the Crouching Tiger temple, the steps leading up to it littered with bloody bodies. As I arrive inside, he laps at a large pool of dark water – no not water, it’s blood.

The blood drips from his face, a face formed of the most gloriously realistic wet fur texture. He taunts my silly little monkey protagonist – no, not The Tarnished but the Destined One – and battle commences.

Black Myth: Wukong is yet another action RPG inspired by FromSoftware’s Souls games, this time from Chinese developer Game Science. It’s hotly anticipated, with each annual trailer building hype further. The game is playable on this year’s Gamescom show floor and from just a short demo, it might be the best non-From Soulslike.

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