NBA 2K24 Reveals First Look At Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Moments Mode

NBA 2K24 has unveiled its first look at Mamba Moments, the new game mode that shines a spotlight on some of NBA legend Kobe Bryant’s most memorable moments across his 20-year career.

Similar to last year’s Jordan Challenge, Mamba Moments looks into some of the most notable games Kobe Bryant played with the Los Angeles Lakers between 2001 and 2010–even featuring another Kobe vs Jordan match-up. While the Jordan Challenge had players face up against a sophomore-year Bryant in the 1997 Bulls vs Lakers match up, Mamba Moments will feature Kobe’s decisive victory against his mentor MJ in 2003’s Lakers vs Wizards game.

Other games featured in Mamba Moments include Bryant’s record-breaking game against the Seattle SuperSonics in 2003, where he converted 12 of his 18 three-pointer attempts to break the previous NBA record, as well as game 7 of the 2010 NBA finals, where the Lakers looked to defend their previous title against the Boston Celtics.

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