What Microsoft’s Big Cloud Gaming Deal With Ubisoft Is All About, According To Phil Spencer

Microsoft recently signed a big new deal with Ubisoft for cloud gaming to help convince regulators in the United Kingdom to approve the Xbox company’s $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The deal gives Ubisoft the non-exclusive cloud streaming rights for Call of Duty and every other Activision Blizzard game for the next 15 years. People had a number of questions about the deal, and Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer has now shed some additional light on what it all means.

Speaking to IGN, Spencer said, “We are trying to bring more games to more people. We think doing the deal with Ubisoft, which frees up one of the concerns that the CMA had… will allow more games to go to more people.”

Spencer said Ubisoft is a “good partner” that Microsoft is familiar with and independent from. In signing the deal with Ubisoft, Spencer said he hopes the CMA’s concerns that Microsoft would dictate where it games could be streamed are now alleviated.

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