GTA 6 Hacker Was A Teenager On Bail In A Hotel Room Using An Amazon Fire Stick

In a recent court ruling, an 18-year-old from Oxford was identified as a member of an international cyber-crime collective responsible for a series of hacks targeting major tech corporations, including Rockstar Games. According to a report by the BBC, Arion Kurtaj, a prominent figure within the Lapsus$ group, was implicated in breaches that also affected Uber and Nvidia.

Kurtaj’s involvement went so far as to include leaking excerpts of Grand Theft Auto 6 while out on bail at a Travelodge hotel using an Amazon Fire Stick he found. Psychiatrists deemed Kurtaj unfit to stand trial, resulting in his absence from the court proceedings as a witness. The court’s focus was on determining his culpability rather than assessing criminal intent.

Another individual, a 17-year-old also on the autism spectrum, faced conviction for participating in Lapsus$ operations. However, due to legal restrictions related to their age, their identity remains undisclosed. Referred to as “digital bandits,” the UK-based, purportedly Brazilian gang was primarily composed of teenagers who blended hacking tactics to infiltrate multinational companies such as Microsoft and Revolut. Throughout their hacking spree, the gang taunted their victims on Telegram in both English and Portuguese.

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