Hyenas developers discuss Sega’s claim it’s been a “challenging title”

What’s happening with Hyenas? Announced a year ago but still without a release date, Creative Assembly’s team-based sci-fi extraction shooter was playable publicly this week for the first time at Gamescom in Cologne, following a somewhat eye-opening summation of its status last week from Sega top brass.

I played a brief match of Hyenas on the Gamescom showfloor and found it a bright and breezy shooter with fun PVPVE moments and some promising zero-G sections. But my time with it was too brief to really leave with much of a lasting impression.

It’s good news, then, that Hyenas will soon be available to play more widely, via a Steam beta test you can sign up for now, with access going live on 31st August. It’s from that, I think, that people will finally be able to decide for themselves what is working and what is not – and this is Creative Assembly told me it is waiting for as well.

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