Not your average Toyota: The all-wheel drive GR Corolla, reviewed

A red Toyota GR Corolla in the early morning fog

Enlarge / Early mornings were made for cars like this, the Toyota GR Corolla. (credit: Jonathan Gitlin)

Although the vast majority of our car reviews are for hybrids and electric vehicles, we do still appreciate a good enthusiast’s car. All the more so when they’re tweaked versions of more pedestrian fare. Built in low volume and with something special under the hood? Count us in.

That brings us to today’s topic, the Toyota GR Corolla.

Some regular readers might be feeling a touch of deja-vu at this point; Toyota builds the GR Corolla in three different specifications, and in March we drove the most expensive, most focused of them, the GR Morizo Edition. With no back seats, a $49,900 price tag, and only 200 units imported for model-year 2023, the GR Morizo is probably a bit too hardcore for most.

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