Tabletop RPG Fans Can Get 74 Dungeon Crawl Classics Modules For Only $25

There’s a vast array of great tabletop RPGs beyond popular picks like Dungeons & Dragons 5E or Pathfinder 2E, and one of the coolest is Dungeon Crawl Classics. As its name implies, Dungeon Crawl Classics is a throwback to old-school tabletop roleplaying, focusing on fast character creation, open-ended gameplay, and a plethora of modules featuring challenging dungeon dives. Right now, you can get 74 Dungeon Crawl Classics supplement books and modules for $25 via Humble Bundle.

Whether you’re a current player or are looking to try out this hardcore tabletop RPG for the first time, the Dungeon Crawl Classics Mega Bundle will significantly expand your campaign with new content. For new players, the Dungeon Crawl Classics starter rulebook is free as a PDF. It’s also worth noting that some of the books and modules in this bundle are compatible with Dungeons & Dragons.

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